Mobile Customer App

CentreApp™ is mobile application for both IOS and Android devices that allows clients to describe, photograph and report a fault.


Report a fault in seconds

Scan the QR code on the asset, add your name, the issue you are having along with any photos and submit. It's that simple.


No more searching for serial numbers

The QR codes on each asset hold all the make, model, serial number and any other vital information about the asset. No more time wasted.


No lengthy calls or forms to complete

Lengthy calls to service providers, sending emails or completing online forms are now a distant memory.


Faster response time

When you report a fault with CentreApp™, it takes seconds to reach our call centre.

Because all the relevant information is submitted the first time, the guess work is removed and the correct parts (if required) can be supplied.


Built in Priority Algorithm

Two main factors determine the priority of faults in CentreApp™.

Still In Order (SIO) - Assets that are (SIO) will be attended to as a normal fault.

Out Of Order (OOO) - Assets that are (OOO) will be escalated as a result that they can no longer be utilised.

Increased rate of First Time Fix

Fault reports are submitted with all the relevant asset information already known to CentreApp™.

Correct parts can be determined (if required).

Service procedures can be reviewed in advance resulting in a higher first time fix rate.


Increased asset uptime

CentreApp™ utilises cloud technology from the time the fault is submitted through to the asset being repaired.

This process is efficient and effective in returning assets back to working condition.


Asset Management Platform

At the heart of CentreApp™ is a powerful database housing all the relevant information about your assets.

Every piece of information including faults, rectifications, parts used and much more make up the asset management platform.

This information is stored and readily available to be utilised at any time.


Secure Service History

From the minute a fault is reported through to closure and all touch points in between, this information is stored in CentreApp™.

Every bit of information about a fault of an asset including initial fault, original diagnoses, tech notes, parts used and closure notes are recorded.

This information is stored and is readily available to be utilised at any time if required.


Full Reporting Functionality*

Real time dashboards and reporting is available with CentreApp™.

Not only is this useful to see the health of your assets, it will also show you all open fault, current status and closeure data.


Ease of Use

CentreApp™.Client Interface is an Enterprise application and is downloaded and installed in seconds.

No user name and passwords to slow down the process.

Reporting faults are a very simple 4 step process.

Open the app on your device - Scan the asset code - Enter the relevant information including photos - Submit the fault.

The whole process takes under 1 minute freeing up valuable time.


 *Coming in future releases

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hearTV is the affordable solution for streaming

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hearTV flow

  • We create a WI-FI network with hearTV

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CentreGrip™ has been designed and manufactured in Australia for the purpose of Stabilising treadmills on surfaces that would otherwise allow the treadmill to move forward or sideways under normal use.


  • Treadmills don't move.
  • Staff do not need to spend time moving treadmills.
  • Reduction in unnecessary service call outs.
  • Bottom line savings on maintenance costs.

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