Centrefit mobile and online application CentreApp™ allows clients to describe, photograph and log support jobs using registered equipment identified utilising QR code technology. Current and historical inventory data is logged and stored within central repository accessible and managed online.



  • No websites or service forms to complete.
  • Ease of logging a service call.
  • Speed and accuracy as the job is logged with our call centre in seconds.
  • Correct identification of equipment.
  • Label contains all relevant information about the machine.
  • Works on both Android and IOS devices.


Purchase Kettlebells

KettleWorX kettlebells are the ideal equipment for your KettleWorX program. They are color-coded for cueing to members which coordinates with the instructor training videos. They are dipped in vinyl to protect group fitness floors, and they are branded KettleWorX to present a unified launch of KettleWorX. KettleWorX kettlebells are also have the perfect shaped bell and handle/horns to accommodate movements in KettleWorX such as Figure 8's.

See sample kettlebell bundles below and choose small, medium, or large depending on what size classes you expect at your club. You may also customize your kettlebell bundle or purchase individual kettlebells as needed. We recommend 3 bells per participant (small, medium, large) since different moves typically require different resistance.

Kettlebell Bundles

Small (20-30 people)
Kettleworx Kettlebell small bundle
**Excluding GST

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CentreGrip™ has been designed and manufactured in Australia for the purpose of Stabilising treadmills on surfaces that would otherwise allow the treadmill to move forward or sideways under normal use.


  • Treadmills don't move.
  • Staff do not need to spend time moving treadmills.
  • Reduction in unnecessary service call outs.
  • Bottom line savings on maintenance costs.
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hearTV is the affordable solution for streaming

live audio to your smartphone.


Google Playstore AppleStore download

hearTV flow

  • We create a WI-FI network with hearTV

  • hearTV begins streaming live audio

  • Customers download an app to Smart Phones

  • Choose the TV to listen to

  • Enjoy un-interrupted audio


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